End of year letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor

My question is, “Where are we on Mr. Pallister’s priority list?” What, if anything, is he going to do for the people of Manitoba other than undermine organized labour?

I believe in this province and the hard working people who give their dedicated service to keep it strong. However, I also believe we erred in electing a Premier who chooses to invest out of country where labour costs are low and living conditions for the average worker are less than stellar.

To add insult to injury, this man spends a large amount of his time living or taking extended vacations to an outside of Canada location. Everyone deserves a vacation but it just seems that instead of a short-term holiday, this is more like a second home where a large portion of his assets require his continuing presence in order to administer them.

I can (almost) understand that the public had enough of the NDP, but while we sit back a laugh at the States for electing a Billionaire Celebrity, perhaps we should be looking in our own backyard.

Terry Egan President Local 110

Holiday letter 2016

December 14th 2016


Letter to the Members of CUPE Local 110


2016 is coming to a close and supposedly we are to start fresh in 2017. I am certainly going to try…..but…..


The upcoming year is going to be a year of continuously challenging the Government of Manitoba, especially, considering the new Premier and his hatred for organized labour.


Hopefully, all of the unions will pull together with this Local and move hard against any type of anti-union legislation, amalgamations, and any type of uncalled for representation votes that WILL take place.


I am glad that I decided to stick around for this fight ….. I knew it was coming, and even my critics know I am good in a fight. In fact our entire Local Executive is leading the way regarding taking on this issue. We will be looking for membership support in the very near future.


On a happier note:


The holiday season is upon us once again, a time when people are actually kinder than usual to each other, whether religious or not. This season why don’t we take this opportunity to share in one of our co-workers holiday traditions, and take advantage of our very diverse Membership as I have. The food is usually great, plus you’ll find we all aren’t that different.


In Closing, to our Christian Members MERRY CHRISTMAS, to our Jewish Members HAPPY HANUKKAH, and to all who celebrate in their own way HAPPY HOLIDAYS.


On behalf of the Executive and in Solidarity,


Terry Egan President Local 110

Letter to the editor

November 22,  2016


Letter to the Editor


FROM: Terry Egan, President, Local 110 Canadian Union of Public Employees



Minimum wage is frozen, thus the working poor remain poor.

Organized Labour has just been told our ability to negotiate a fair Collective Agreement is about to be impeded.

Many Manitoban’s have to hold 2 part-time jobs to make ends meet. Manitoban’s are working for inferior wages, poor working conditions, and all around disenfranchised.

The supposed workers party (The NDP)  lost the election and rightfully so. With all the publicized back stabbing and disorganization, not to mention the party forgetting its deep Labour roots, we deserved it.

Organized Labour has to now take the forefront and represent the people who pay our wages.

We have to have noticed that everything leading to the WINNIPEG 1919 GENERAL STRIKE is happening again.

Unions, as well as Labour organizations, better pull it together and remember just who pays good monies for their representation.

The dues paying members are watching and they deserve their positions and their rights to be represented and to be represented well.

Labour has to put our petty differences aside and work productively and respectfully together in order to protect our members right to a fair bargaining process.

Leadership of organized Labour better step it up in preparing to represent the dues paying members in a big way and not just in lip service.

Maybe 2017 will become the new 1919… perhaps it’s time.





New grievance Nov 3, 2016

November 3rd 2016

Eric Barnaby

Director of Human Resources

Winnipeg School Division

1577 Wall Street East



Dear Mr. Barnaby,


Re: Grievance Article(s) (2, 9 and 34)


We the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 110, are requesting,  a meeting to discuss the following with the explanation attached, at your earliest convenience.

That the Divisions Human Resources Dept. act as the administrator/negotiator/interpreter  regarding the Collective agreement meet between ourselves and the Winnipeg School Division administration.

In light of the past 2 grievances re: St. Johns and Kelvin and in light of the numerous views and/or interpretation of our Collective agreement … (we have over 85 buildings with as  many as 85 different interpretations of our Collective Agreement) … as well as the lack of Human Resources skills shown by some School Administrators. We do not feel this request to be unreasonable.

We agree that some School administrators have the skills required to conduct business with the Union as well some seem to have an understanding and/or abilities regarding Labour Law as well as Human Rights legislation, but most do not.



Terry Egan President Local 110


cc Abe Araya Chief Steward 110

Exec 110

News concerning our By-Laws

At our April 10, 2016 General Meeting we voted on a notice of motion that was submitted at our January meeting. The motion is:

For a member to run for a position on the Executive, Table Officers, Stewards, or any committees including Trustees; a member must have attended 75% of the General Meetings and Special Meetings should they be called over the (2) two year period between elections. Should there be a bi-election the 75% will be based on (2) two years prior to bi-election.

This motion was passed requiring all members who plan to run in future elections to attend seventy-five percent of the meetings. This motion has to pass through Cupe National before changes will take effect.

Those members in attendance voted overwhelmingly in favor of the above mentioned notice of motion, and believe it to be a positive step forward.

This motion added to our bylaws ensures that any brothers and sisters wishing to run in any future elections will have proved their commitment and dedication by being active in our union prior to running.

It’s yet another insurance in the continued protection of our local’s best interest.

News about our Benefit package

April 6th /2016

Letter to the Membership CUPE Local 110

Regarding our Benefit package.

Frank Harder, Swaran Dhaliwal and myself went to Saskatoon to re-negotiate our benefits package.

  • It was well worth the time and lengthy travel to address our concerns with no financial increase for our members.

Your negotiating committee work very hard on our behalf.

Thank you Frank and Swaran.

In Solidarity

Terry Egan President Local 110