End of year letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor

My question is, “Where are we on Mr. Pallister’s priority list?” What, if anything, is he going to do for the people of Manitoba other than undermine organized labour?

I believe in this province and the hard working people who give their dedicated service to keep it strong. However, I also believe we erred in electing a Premier who chooses to invest out of country where labour costs are low and living conditions for the average worker are less than stellar.

To add insult to injury, this man spends a large amount of his time living or taking extended vacations to an outside of Canada location. Everyone deserves a vacation but it just seems that instead of a short-term holiday, this is more like a second home where a large portion of his assets require his continuing presence in order to administer them.

I can (almost) understand that the public had enough of the NDP, but while we sit back a laugh at the States for electing a Billionaire Celebrity, perhaps we should be looking in our own backyard.

Terry Egan President Local 110