Holiday letter 2016

December 14th 2016


Letter to the Members of CUPE Local 110


2016 is coming to a close and supposedly we are to start fresh in 2017. I am certainly going to try…..but…..


The upcoming year is going to be a year of continuously challenging the Government of Manitoba, especially, considering the new Premier and his hatred for organized labour.


Hopefully, all of the unions will pull together with this Local and move hard against any type of anti-union legislation, amalgamations, and any type of uncalled for representation votes that WILL take place.


I am glad that I decided to stick around for this fight ….. I knew it was coming, and even my critics know I am good in a fight. In fact our entire Local Executive is leading the way regarding taking on this issue. We will be looking for membership support in the very near future.


On a happier note:


The holiday season is upon us once again, a time when people are actually kinder than usual to each other, whether religious or not. This season why don’t we take this opportunity to share in one of our co-workers holiday traditions, and take advantage of our very diverse Membership as I have. The food is usually great, plus you’ll find we all aren’t that different.


In Closing, to our Christian Members MERRY CHRISTMAS, to our Jewish Members HAPPY HANUKKAH, and to all who celebrate in their own way HAPPY HOLIDAYS.


On behalf of the Executive and in Solidarity,


Terry Egan President Local 110