Letter to the editor

November 22,  2016


Letter to the Editor


FROM: Terry Egan, President, Local 110 Canadian Union of Public Employees



Minimum wage is frozen, thus the working poor remain poor.

Organized Labour has just been told our ability to negotiate a fair Collective Agreement is about to be impeded.

Many Manitoban’s have to hold 2 part-time jobs to make ends meet. Manitoban’s are working for inferior wages, poor working conditions, and all around disenfranchised.

The supposed workers party (The NDP)  lost the election and rightfully so. With all the publicized back stabbing and disorganization, not to mention the party forgetting its deep Labour roots, we deserved it.

Organized Labour has to now take the forefront and represent the people who pay our wages.

We have to have noticed that everything leading to the WINNIPEG 1919 GENERAL STRIKE is happening again.

Unions, as well as Labour organizations, better pull it together and remember just who pays good monies for their representation.

The dues paying members are watching and they deserve their positions and their rights to be represented and to be represented well.

Labour has to put our petty differences aside and work productively and respectfully together in order to protect our members right to a fair bargaining process.

Leadership of organized Labour better step it up in preparing to represent the dues paying members in a big way and not just in lip service.

Maybe 2017 will become the new 1919… perhaps it’s time.