News concerning our By-Laws

At our April 10, 2016 General Meeting we voted on a notice of motion that was submitted at our January meeting. The motion is:

For a member to run for a position on the Executive, Table Officers, Stewards, or any committees including Trustees; a member must have attended 75% of the General Meetings and Special Meetings should they be called over the (2) two year period between elections. Should there be a bi-election the 75% will be based on (2) two years prior to bi-election.

This motion was passed requiring all members who plan to run in future elections to attend seventy-five percent of the meetings. This motion has to pass through Cupe National before changes will take effect.

Those members in attendance voted overwhelmingly in favor of the above mentioned notice of motion, and believe it to be a positive step forward.

This motion added to our bylaws ensures that any brothers and sisters wishing to run in any future elections will have proved their commitment and dedication by being active in our union prior to running.

It’s yet another insurance in the continued protection of our local’s best interest.