News – Jan 8/ 2014

Letter to the Membership of CUPE Local 110

Swaran Dhaliwal 204-333-7892 and Rick Peshel 204-228-6573 have now published the book regarding the questions and answers re: (5th Class Power Engineers tickets) and the books are now available … We are sending out copies to the class 3 and higher Schools (at this time) and if anyone needs a personal copy please contact either Swaran or Rick and they will accommodate.

Regarding questions about Seniority/Job placement …. Please contact Swaran Dhaliwal.

Swaran and Rick have worked very hard regarding the book publication in this time of crisis and should be commended for their work … On behalf of the Membership.

“Thanks Guys!”

Sincerely and in Solidarity with 110

Terry Egan President Local 110