News – Dec 17,2013

Dec 17,2013
Letter to the Membership of CUPE Local 110

I asked Frank Harder and Mike Martin to attempt to re-negotiate the teeth cleaning part of the Dental package of the Sun life plan.
We, me included have had many problems regarding the way the dentists were billings in this area.
They (Frank and Mike) have just finished negotiating with the Benefits carrier and we have now 4 parts regarding teeth cleaning (that’s up from 3) with no increase to what we are paying.

I asked Swaran Dhaliwal and Rick Peshel to research questions and answers regarding the 5th Class Power Engineers exam.
They (Swaran and Rick) actually published a booklet regarding questions and answers and are printing a few more.
They (The Booklets) will be made available to our Membership in January 2014.

Abe Araya has been involved in many of the Day to Day representations as well as Negotiations re: Member Representations/actions and reactions and is now more involved in all aspects of Union work.

With a few more courses and a little more political involvement there will be no stopping these guys.

You can be very proud of the newer Executive Members; they have picked up the ball and ran with it.

Not only have they been a great support for me. They want to learn and are willing to put in the time.

They have certainly impressed me!

Sincerely and in Solidarity with 110
Terry Egan President Local 110