News Nov 27, 2013


Letter to the Members of CUPE Local 110

 Here at Local 110 we the Executives are here to help our fellow members, with our current issues. Rick Pechel (assistant caretaker rep) has taken it upon himself to assist our members on any information you will need about courses, when and where they are available. Give him a call and he will direct you in the right direction.


Swaran Dhaliwal  has also agreed to get the information to our members about vacant positions and who filled them.


Frank Harder and Mike Martin want to assist our current and retired members on all issues with our Sun Life benefit plan. The new plan is the same as the old plan. One of most common complaint from our members is the problem with dental issues. Most of the issues are to do with scaling. Your dentist should look at the contract. We all have 3 units of scaling you’re allowed to go twice a year so limit scaling to 1 and a ½ each time.



Here are the numbers of the Executive that you reach by phone

  • Terry Egan, President                                                             204-333-2061
  • Phil Brown, Chair wage & grievance                                     204-997-2371
  • Swaran Dhaliwal, Head caretaker rep                                   204-333-7892
  • Mike Martin, Assistant Caretaker rep, benefits                     204-333-2060
  • Rick Pechel, Assistant Caretaker rep                                      204-228-6573
  • Abe Araya, Utility Rep                                                                        204-333-1585
  • Frank Harder, Warden, Benefits and Website                       204-228-0504


As our Executive keeps up with the times, and continues to keep our members informed, we ask you all to get the word out about our website and joining our email list so we all can keep up with all LOCAL 110 news and issues.


Frank Harder

Warden & Benefits