News – Nov 13,2013

Nov 13th, 2013
Letter to the Members CUPE Local 110
Firstly: Thank you for the vote of support (The Notice of Motion) at our last Membership meeting.
Most of the dues increase will be slated for the education of the newer Executive Members.

Secondly: We need out Members to start writing for their 5th Class P Eng tickets, we have a real shortage of qualified Engineers and it is starting to affect the union in a negative way.
Not everyone will pass the first time, maybe not even the second time, but we do need to try.
The Division is also feeling the pinch, and is about to advertise for people with their 5th Class starting almost immediately with little if any time on the sub list.

We (the Executive) are asked by our Members, all the time to support close friends and family members regarding obtaining a position in the Division and we always support this type of move.

However, if you have received support regarding hiring one of “our” people……you should be pushing the individual to write their ticket.

We have a lot to protect here!

Sincerely and in Solidarity with 110,
Terry Egan, President of Local 110