News – Oct 31,2013

Local 110 Christmas Party
All Cupe Local 110 members past and present

The annual Childrens Christmas Party will be held on Sunday, December 8,2013 at RB Russel High School. It commences at 12 noon and goes until 4pm. There will be games, gifts for all the children, and refreshments.
If you have a child or children that are ten years or younger, please forward their names, boy or girl, and ages to Nelson Petrash by November 22,2013 at Cecil Rhodes 2 or fax them to our office at 204-667-8731, or email at We do not have the previous list of names and if I do not receive the names of your children they will not be on the list and could miss out on a gift.
To all members regarding the Childrens Christmas Party that the ages that receive a gift is from new born to 10 years of age. Grand children of members are not eligible to receive a gift from the Union, however Grandparents can bring a gift for their grandchildren and Santa will give them the gift. We encourage all members past and present to come with their families to the Christmas party.