News – Oct 16th , 2013

Oct 16th , 2013

Letter to the Membership of CUPE Local 110

As most all know by now, we (the membership) will be voting on the notice

of motion dealing with ¼ of a percent increase in dues at the next Union

meeting in November.


At the meeting I will be asking for a motion from the floor to suspend all

Business and deal only with the (notice of motion).


In December we will put on the Children’s Christmas party and ……….


At our first meeting in January 2014 we will have prepared a budget and/or a

Schedule (pending the outcome of the vote) regarding exactly what course,

Conferences, conventions, political activities and schools we will be able to


We have not planned anything for 2014 as of yet as we are unsure of our


As stated many times over the past year our newer executive members need

an education as well as increased involvement regarding the way we (110)

do business.


Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely and in solidarity with 110

Terry Egan President Local 110